Why Mike Nolan Chose EXIT Beach Realty

"Hi my name is Mike Nolan and I am a newer agent with EXIT Beach Realty. I am also a network professional with 27 years experience with the same Fortune 100 company. I've been fortunate enough to purchase my family beach home in Ormond By The Sea and subsequently allowed to work from home for the past two years. When I learned I would be forced to relocate again, I decided to move into the Real Estate profession. I am glad that I did."

Mike Nolan Chooses EXIT Beach Realty

"I have many Realtor friends across the country and felt I too could make a positive impact helping others realize their dreams and mine as well. The reasons I chose to hang my license with EXIT Beach Realty are simple, they are located in paradise, they utilize the latest technical advances for marketing homes and training agents."

Tom and Carol Blawn - Strong Leadership - Not Your Typical Brokerage

"Carol and Tom foster a family like environment and although the profession is highly competitive, it doesn't impact agents from helping one another at EXIT Beach. I hear horror stories about other brokers and companies micro managing agents and controlling listings, etc. and that is just not the case at EXIT Beach. Each agent controls their destiny. Each agent manages their business. Support is there if you need it but you are your own boss. In addition, they have a compelling residual revenue plan for agents that actively recruit other agents."

Contracts Pending - Leads - Training - Technology and Professional Leadership

"I've been with EXIT Beach about two months on a part time basis and have two contracts that are closing, with about three other customers in the funnel. I feel like I made the correct decision choosing EXIT Beach Realty. Leads, training, technology tools and professional leadership! If you want to make a change, I highly recommend EXIT Beach Realty. If you would like more information please contact me!"

Mike Nolan, Realtor Exit Beach Realty 386-562-6443

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